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  2. every time im sad i didnt go to an american university that cost 40k+ a year, i remember that people all over the worlds only way to go to university, even in their own town, is if they work 60 hours a week.


  3. starting a maisy appreciation blog

    starting a maisy appreciation blog

  4. i wanna share this story tumblr i really do

    but i cant

    but its so brilliant

  5. lonimonster:

    Or nah.

    people are stoopied

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    Depersonalization and derealization at it’s worst. Someone please shake me and wake me up. My brain is destroying itself. I’m never going to win this battle.

    (this x10000. worst feeling in the entire world)

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  7. need some1 2 luv me but if u r a drummer walk away

    actch if u r in a band walk away

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    If you don’t think different shapes of pasta taste differently you can fuck off

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    people who eat crops picked by under payed, overworked, exploited and abused poor migrant workers (via bertoltbrechtfast)
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  10. confronting someone is by far the easiest way to get over them wowww

    harvesting thoughts = no good

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  12. ps dont tell my parents u wanna hang with me


  13. and im not sure if its a comforting feeling or depressing feeling to say well atleast i tried

  14. the shit i do and say wow



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